Prevent .DS_Store file creation

Having recently set up a Mac again on my network I forgot how much I hate the .DS_Store files littering my NAS units / Windows boxes. So here’s how to quickly disable their creation! Note: This will affect the user’s interactions with SMB/CIFS, AFP, NFS and WebDAV servers. Open Terminal. Execute the below command:


Symantec AV 10 Corporate not LiveUpdating

Had a few PCs in an older Symantec AntiVirus 10 Corporate environment that would update their Virus Definitions automatically. Having a quick hunt round managed to find the below on a forum post which did the trick, it would appear the local definitions on the clients had become corrupted. The second step looked to be […]

Symantec LiveUpdate doesn’t show SSR or BESR

I’m surprised this is still an issue as I remember stumbling across and originally reporting the error way back on the earlier versions of Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery. It seems to only persist on Windows Server 2008 R2 but here’s links to the fix. In short Symantec LiveUpdate doesn’t register or show Backup Exec […]

Installing VMware Tools for Linux Guests

More for quick reference as I don’t generally manage too many Linux boxes (yet anyway ;)). Have recently done a few P2V migrations on to an ESXi 5 platform so the below helps get the tools installed inside a RedHat based VM, commands of course may vary slightly depending on distribution – As root (su […]