(Upgrading) ESXi Whitebox to 5.5

Okay so after building an ESXi 5.1 rig a little while ago (Blog Post Here) it’s now time to upgrade to VMware ESXi 5.5 – this for the first time in a while (for me at least) broke stuff! After initial upgrade from the 5.1u1 platform my SSD datastore disappeared! I didn’t have any settings […]

Open File Explorer with My Computer view

Just for quick reference really, I always hated Windows 7 file explorer icon defaulting to the Libraries view. No surprise really but it’s continued on in to Windows 8. To change File Explorer so that when clicked it loads the Computer view (showing your Hard Drives / Network Locations etc) by default you can run […]

ESXi GPU Passthrough for an HTPC

Following on from the previous post about a recent white-box VMware ESXi 5.1 build I was hoping to enable GPU pass-through to one of the VM’s. Initially this was to make use of things like Adobe Photoshop via XenApp to aid in GPU rendering, but having played around with Plex I was too tempted to […]

ESXi 5.1 Whitebox Build

So it’s finally time for me to replace my Dell PowerEdge T300. The T300 has done incredibly well, at 4 years old it still happily runs 4-5 of my virtual machines and has definitely been a huge help in test labs for my work and personal studies. I’ve been reading around the net for a […]