XenCenter Could not create SSL/TLS Secure Channel

Had an old Citrix XenServer 5.5 system that we needed to connect to but unfortunately on my Windows 10 workstation with XenCenter 6.5 it just crapped out with “Could not create SSL/TLS Secure Channel”. Reading around it’s a pretty straight forward issue, given the age of the server it was still using it’s original self-signed […]

Last.fm RPS Scrobbler Issue

If you hadn’t noticed this site makes use of an awesome Last.fm recent playlist scrobbler called Last.fm RPS by Taha Paksu. I’m guessing it’s an old project as it’s not seen much development for years but it’s one of the nicest playlist widgets I’ve come across as to features and display options.

Brightness Fn Keys Not Working on a Dell XPS13

I have an aging Dell XPS 13 Ultrabook (L322X) that’s had a pretty good life so far, bar the continual gripe regarding the Track pad (kind of a known issue due to the Cypress drivers) its been a great little laptop. I upgraded to Windows 10 a while ago and everything works pretty well, it looks […]

Mini ITX Build

With Christmas nearly upon us my dad asked if the family could chip in and help buy a new PC for him. He does a bit of photo editing which is mainly just scanning old slides to then tidy up and repair. Doing this on a lower resolution 13″ laptop can be pretty tedious! I’ve built more PCs […]

Windows 10 guest crashes on VMware ESXi

With Microsoft having just released the latest Windows 10 update (1151), I created a new guest VM on my home lab setup. Everything looked good until I found the VM had decided to power off every time I went to remotely connect to it. I’m running the latest VMware ESXi 6U1 build 3073146 and found the below error […]

Hyper-V Unable to boot VM – General access Denied Error

Needed to restore a Hyper-V VHDX file via Veeam today but as soon as we tried to boot the VM we received a ‘server’ failed to start error. The error was pretty descriptive stating a ‘General access denied error (0x80070005)’. Might have been the hasty restore but Veeam didn’t seem to add the appropriate NTFS permissions […]