Having recently found a Sony laptop that would not copy / sync a users profile during log off I had a hunt round google and found the below from Experts Exchange. Wouldn’t have expected this as the cause but carrying out the below solved the problem. One minor note on the particular Sony laptop was that the Sony Event service also needed to be disabled – otherwise the user was spammed with the Vaio Power management feature believing the speed / stamina switch had been changed and the Graphics settings were to be adjusted.

Domain Environment: Microsoft Server 2003/Server 2003 R2 SP2
Affected Operating Systems: Windows XP SP1/SP2/SP3, Vista


I have found that the NVIDIA drivers can break roaming profiles functionality. Un-install the video drivers through add/remove programs. Reboot the workstation and see if the profile is written back to the server at logoff.

Re-install NVIDIA drivers & before re-starting the computer:

Go to

1) Start Menu>Run> type services.msc
Scroll down the list of services to: “NVIDIA Display Driver Service” Stop this service from running and also Disable the service from starting again.

2) Go to Start Menu>Run> type msconfig uncheck nwiz.exe, Nvcpl & RunDll32.exe NvMCTray.dll,NvTaskbarInit under startup tab. Then press apply & okay buttons. Do not restart the computer when prompted.

3) Go to Command Prompt:

Start Menu>Run> type cmd press okay
Browse to C:\windows\system32 folder
Cd\ <press enter>
Cd windows\system32 <press enter>
Manually rename the following files after installation and before rebooting:
ren nvcpl.dll nvcpl.dlx <press enter>
ren nvcplui.exe nvcplui.exx <press enter>

4) Reboot Computer & Confirm Profile writes back to server at logoff.