So I turn on my PC this evening and everything has ground to a halt, so much so that I couldn’t get Task Manager up in a timely fashion to see what was being hit (if anything) resource wise. Fortunately after a while it did manage to load and it appears my C:\ drive was being hammered, flat lining at 100% writing to the file WPR_Initiated_DiagTrackAotLogger_WPR System Collector.etl located in a Temp directory.

Having a hunt around google this appears to be a recent issue – I assume caused by the last set of Microsoft Updates. At the moment I can’t see an exact cause, or a permanent fix but the below at least resolves the problem for now and has brought my system back to a normal state.

Stage 1 – Stop DiagTrack Service

  1. Open Task Manager (may take a while if your disk is being hammered)
  2. Select Services Tab
  3. Look for DiagTrack – Connected User Experiences and Telemetry
  4. Stop the service – this is only a temp fix as it will just start up again at next reboot, hopefully your PC is a bit more responsive now though.

Stage 2 – Change some Privacy Settings

  1. Start, Settings, Privacy and select Feedback & Diagnostics
  2. Change this to Basic
  3. Reboot
  4. Tada! No more hammered disk

I’ve rebooted a few times now and system is stable. As I find more information I’ll update this post but it appears to be a recent issue so who knows how long Microsoft will take to address it.