With Microsoft having just released the latest Windows 10 update (1151), I created a new guest VM on my home lab setup. Everything looked good until I found the VM had decided to power off every time I went to remotely connect to it.

I’m running the latest VMware ESXi 6U1 build 3073146 and found the below error in the logs (given Windows 10 logs showed nothing but an unexpected shutdown etc so pointed at an underlying issue).

VMware ESX unrecoverable error: (vcpu-2) NOT_REACHED bora/devices/ahci/ahci_user.c:1530


I remembered suffering similar when Windows 10 was first released so it seems something VMware is still yet to fix?

The issue seems to be with the SATA CDROM drive, edit the guest VM hardware settings to swap it over to the older IDE device type and you should be all set. You’ll have to shutdown the VM, remove the existing CD/DVD drive and then add a new one selecting the IDE Device Node instead of SATA.


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  1. 02/02/2016 at 11:10 PM XO

    For those who do not get this resolved by changing SATA to IDE, the “correct” answer is that it’s a bug, and that it is now supposedly fixed:

    Resolution:- Upgrade the ESXi to 6.0 U1b



    Windows 10 VM VMX fails
    The Windows 10 VM vmx process fails with an error message similar to the following in the vmware.log file:

    NOT_REACHED bora/devices/ahci/ahci_user.c:1530

    This issue is resolved in this release.

    If it does not resolve the problem, I will update this posting.

    For those who aren’t ready to upgrade, the workaround for me has been to shutdown the VM, and remove the CDROM altogether, and reboot.