Just installed Veeam Endpoint on a physical server and after rebooting the Veeam Endpoint Backup service fails to start. Checking the event logs we were getting the below:

Service cannot be started. Veeam.Backup.DBCreator.DatabaseException: Unable to connect to SQL Server.


Trying a repair install didn’t seem to work so hunting around some forums we found a quick fix that worked for us.

  1. Download PSTools, extract to C:\PSTools (or wherever suitable) – grab the tools here.
  2. Open a cmd prompt (make sure to run as administrator)
  3. Browse to the PSTools directory – e.g. cd C:\PSTools
  4. Type in – PsExec.exe -i -s cmd
  5. Hit ok on the user agreement if it pops up
  6. A new cmd prompt will appear, type in whoami to confirm it’s running as the nt authority\system account
  7. Type in – cd “C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\110\Tools\Bin”
  8. Type in – SqlLocalDB.exe delete VeeamEndPoint
  9. You should see a message that says – LocalDB instance “VeeamEndpoint” deleted
  10. Now repair the Veeam Endpoint install (just re-run the setup) and you should be good to go!