Having downloaded the Windows 7 x86 and x64 ISO’s I decided to start an install using VMWare Workstation 6.5. Using the automatic setup wizard within VMWare it picked the Windows 7 image up as a Windows Vista x64 PC, all the defaults that VMWare used for this allowed the install to begin perfectly and bar a slight ‘revamp’ it looked near identical to the current Windows Vista installation process.


Once installed there are a few immediate differences that are noticed, primarily the task bar and the introduction of Internet Explorer 8. There’s also a nice new ‘Action Center’ that appears to be the hub for general Maintenance and combines the previously known XP/Vista Security Center items.

UAC looks to have been thought through this time. As with Vista it can still be set to the ‘annoy the hell out of me’ setting which asks you to confirm everything you do on the PC, however the default setting is a more sensible one that only asks to confirm when a program tries to make a change to the PC. I haven’t really tested this yet but I plan too shortly.


The Control Panel has also changed slightly with how the ‘List’ view is shown. So far the setup seems to be running smoothly (although it’s not had a good kicking yet to really test it’s features) and it was a very easy install process, with the Windows 7 VM Machine now running I’ll start putting various security software on and post my findings!