Out of habbit I generally update standalone ESXi boxes via the VMware CLI. I thought today I would make use of PowerCLI and note my steps for reference.

Download Required VMware Patches:

Download VMware PowerCLI:

Optional – Download PowerShell 2.0 (Only if XP/Vista):

Once PowerCLI is installed open via Program Files – VMware vSphere PowerCLI.

  1. Connect to the Server via PowerCLI – “Connect-VIServer ipaddress
  2. Place the Standalone host into Maintenance mode – “Set-VMHost -VMHost ipaddress -State Maintenance”
  3. Extract the patch file data from the downloaded zip (e.g. ESXi510-201212001.zip)
  4. Upload the extracted content to a folder on the ESXi datastore
  5. Patch the Host – “Install-VMHostPatch -VMHost ipaddress -HostPath /vmfs/volumes/datastorename/folder/metadata.zip”
  6. Reboot the Host to complete the install
  7. Exit Maintenance mode