Having upgraded a Server 2008 box with Service Pack 2 we noticed an issue when creating/using custom error pages in IIS. Unless it was down to my poor search terms I couldn’t initially find much on the error as I’m no IIS expert, but it appears to be down to some changes made to IIS as part of the SP2 upgrade.

As the server was hosting Microsoft Exchange 2007 it was used for Outlook Web Access. We tend to make use of the redirect page to load from mail.domain.com straight to https://mail.domain.com/owa as per this MS article

When setting this up we found we received the below error (as well as Outlooks Out of Office not working):


HTTP Error 500.19 – Internal Server Error
Absolute physical path “C:\inetput\wwwroot\redir.htm” is not allowed in system.webserver/httpErrors section in web.config file. Use relative path instead.



To resolve this as the error states we just needed to amend the path to the custom error page. This can be done either in the IIS console or by editing the web.config file usually in the \inetpub\wwwroot folder. Open the file in a text editor and edit the file path.

Absolute path:

Relative path:

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  1. 05/06/2012 at 12:39 PM Alpesh Panchal

    Hello, you’re probably working on 64 version of windows server.

    In this case, you just need to enable a support for 32 bit applications.

    To enable it.

    1. Simply go to current website pool.
    2. Click on Advanced Setting
    3. Enable 32 bit applications
    4. Set it to true