Outlook 2010 Large OST with Cached Mailboxes

Outlook 2010, by default, now cache’s any additional mailboxes a user may have attached. This can cause the locally held OST file to jump in size quite considerably! I certainly tend to see issues on older machines once the OST file goes over 10GB but some have hit the 50GB mark which cripples Outlook – […]

Office 2003 Error 1311 Source file not found SKU011.CAB

Had an older Windows XP machine with Office 2003 pop up with the below error when a new user logged on and tried to open Outlook. Microsoft Office Professional Edition 2003 Error 1311: Source file not found: <file path>\SKU011.CAB. Verify that the file exists and that you can access it. Clicking Retry/Cancel unfortunately didn’t progress […]

Excel 2003 opens blank when trying to load a spreadsheet

Recently had a problem whereby opening a spreadsheet within Excel 2003 would launch the application but the workbook will not open. No error was shown in this case, just the blank grey background. Sometimes this can by the excel.exe remaining open and running as  a ‘stuck’ process, which can be resolved by loading Task Manager and […]