Cisco ASA Logging to Syslog with Event Class

Something that’s been bugging me for an age was being able to easily filter out logging options for the ASA to a syslog server. Usually enabling the information or debug options punts out huge amounts of data that can be a little tedious to sift through. I tend to use SNMP Soft Syslog Watcher – […]

Cisco ASA5505 with PPPoE and Static NAT

Having configured a number of the smaller ASA5505’s to make use of an ADSL modem via PPPoE, oddly enough it’s finally been my first setup with a block of IPs from the ISP over a single static address. Below is a quick overview of creating the PPPoE dialer making use of PAT (pretty standard for […]

SCP files to Cisco IOS Devices

This is an awesome way to grab and send files to Cisco IOS devices you manage remotely. We have alot of Cisco devices we connect to via SSH so instead of messing around with FTP/TFTP/HTTP transfer SCP makes it very quick and easy over the existing SSH setup. If you already have SSH configured for […]

Cisco IOS Schedule Tasks with kron

A few handy commands to help schedule simple tasks such as router reboots, config archives or backup to tftp/ftp. Cisco Command Scheduler As a couple of examples I often use for reference the below shows how to backup to a TFTP server or reboot on a weekly schedule. First create the Policy and give it […]

Cisco IOS Login Attacks

Having checked some logs for my home router I noticed a few brute force attacks occuring over the last day or so. I noticed numerous tries a while back on the default SSH port (22) so I looked to change it to a random high port number – this drastically lowered the unauthorized attempts. Now […]