Remotely Enable RDP via PsExec

Had a PC this morning that wouldn’t log on to the domain as it was reporting that the “The trust relationship between this workstation and the primary domain failed”. Unfortuantely without being able to log on, or connect up remotely via some usual tools, I had to look to enable RDP remotely and then allow […]

IE Start Menu shortcut broken

Recently had a Vista machine infected with the fake Windows Security Center rubbish, this was cleared relatively easy by running SuperAntiSpyware. We tend to¬†favour MalwareBytes however this was being blocked by the infection (even after renaming mbam.exe to something else). Once SuperAntiSpyware had finished and the system was rebooted we ran MalwareBytes along with some […]

Clearing Tunnel adapter Local Area Connection from ipconfig

I recently had to work on a machine that listed 100’s of Tunnel adapter’s in the ipconfig output which prevented getting the IP information I was after. Having hunted around here’s how to clear them. Problem: Fix: A few different google searches did come up with multiple answers, however here’s the fix that worked for […]