(Upgrading) ESXi Whitebox to 6.5 (Part 1)

So my little ESXi White-boxes are still going strong! They started out on ESXi 5.1 (here), then updated to 5.5 (here), have been happily running on 6.0 (I missed this post but it was quite an uneventful upgrade) and now they’ve taken to ESXi 6.5 after a few small changes. The first issue I had was the […]

Set Print As Image for Adobe Reader DC as default

Having just re-deployed a clients Konica Minolta printers to use Konica’s Universal PostScript drivers we found users then had issues printing PDF files. When you’d print them via Adobe Reader DC they would all print as a tiny box on the page instead of scaling correctly to the set A4 paper size. Reading around this […]

Server 2016 Edition Cannot Be Upgraded

So a work colleague installed the Server 2016 Evaluation version recently whilst we awaited our MSDN keys, problem was with the MSDN keys now available he couldn’t activate the Eval version as it reported that the Edition cannot be Upgraded. Fortunately a quick DISM command will resolve this allowing you to activate – Open a CMD […]